List or Share your carpark in minutes to maximise property returns and earn ongoing recurring  income $$$


An empty carpark is losing money!


Parking spaces usually have some vacancy over a 24 hr period  –  Carparks are a valuable property asset.

Do you own or rent a carpark that is vacant while you’re out at work, after hours or away on holiday? Can you park a car on your driveway or lawn?

Property Owners and leaseholders can list their parking spaces for free using the KarPark Dashboard in minutes and charge parking fees on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Simply switch your listing on for Parkers to find on the free KarPark Mobile App to earn recurring parking income. Or simply turn the listing off when you need it.

Or Let us LIST A CARPARK and maximise revenue for your property asset.

Contact our KarPark Experts to get started.

Create your free KarPark Account to LIST A CARPARK

Sign Up your KarPark Host Account

Sign up in the Web App and create multiple listings as a Owner/Manager. Contact our KarPark Experts to get started.

Monitor your parking

See parking transactions in real-time on your Dashboard or let Karpark Experts manage your KarPark.

Collect your Parking Income

Receive your parking income automatically into your nominated bank account

Owners Web App Features

Earn Extra Income

List your Carpark in minutes and earn ongoing passive income - see your transactions in real-time

Instant Messaging

Messaging allows two way contact with your KarPark customers instantly

Specialized Dashboard

Your KarPark Dashboard provides a concise overview and summary of financial and transaction data

Listing Control

Instantly list or de-list KarParks based on your requirements and schedule

Flexible Parking Settings

Your KarPark setup offers a variety of settings for your parking rates, hours of operation, Short and Long Term parking options

KarPark Experts

KarPark Experts are available to provide free consultancy to setup and maximise your parking portfolio





Owner or Manager - What is the difference?

An Owner is usually someone who lists and shares their carpark space(s) so the parking income is paid directly to their nominated bank account.
A Manager usually manages parking spaces on behalf of one or more Owners as a business. Management fees (% of parking revenue) are paid to the Manager’s nominated bank account and the remaining parking revenue is paid to the relevant Carpark Owner’s bank accounts.
These banking arrangements are setup when a Carpark listing is created and selected for an Owner or a Manager.

KarPark Experts Contact Information

Whether you are a Karpark Owner or Manager, with single or multiple parking spaces, our Karpark Experts are always available to help get you started with carpark setup and advice.
Or we can completely manage your parking space(s) for best revenue returns.
We look forward to hearing from you:
Email us: [email protected]
Use the Contact Us form on the KarPark website;
Use our Live Chat available on any page

KarPark Admin Contact Information

We look forward to hearing from you:
Email us: [email protected]
Us the Contact Us form on our website;
Use our Live Chat on any page

How much can I earn from my parking space?

Parking Revenue is influenced by how parking demand and supply affects pricing in a particular location, and how much time the space is rented.
Parking demand is high in inner City CBD areas where average monthly rates range between $200 – $600 per month, or $2,800 – $8,800 per year.
Demand is also high during business hours for short stay casual parking where average hourly rates range between $6 – $12 per hour, or $5,800 – $10,800 per year.
Parking demand can also be high outside city areas eg near event areas, concerts, restaurants, cinemas, hospitals etc.
Let our KarPark experts evaluate the potential earnings from your parking space.


Parking Made Easy

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